Meet Our Board

The Board of Directors for Homebound Missions are ordinary, everyday people with a commitment and passion to make a difference in the world. They have a heart for the people they are serving and an abiding love for the Lord Jesus Christ.




Tyler Kangas


 Tyler Kangas is the president and co-founder of Homebound Missions. As a small-business owner, he brings valuable experience and insight to the management of the organization. In addition, Tyler is the graphic arts specialist and web site manager. He oversees the design of the promotional materials, including the web site;and works as staff photographer.

 Beyond the practical aspects of Homebound Missions, Tyler cares about people and serving the Lord. For several years, he and his wife Kathy were foster parents and childbirth educators, while also raising a family. Then in September 2003, he started accompanying Kathy on mission trips to Haiti, bringing donations to orphanages and Christian ministries there. Most recently, Tyler and Kathy have adopted a Haitian daughter, Magnalie.

 “Homebound Missions is an exciting venture for us,” says Tyler, “and although the needs are often overwhelming, it is gratifying to know that even small endeavors go a long way. It is a privilege to me to serve God in this organization and to work with such a competent Board of Directors.”

 Tyler and Kathy live in South Grafton, Massachusetts and have four children—Amanda, Landon, Annsie, and Magnalie.




 Kathy Kangas

 Vice President

 As vice president, Kathy Kangas manages the day-to-day operations of Homebound Missions, but she is also the visionary behind the missions organization. In 1999, after reading the book Revolution in World Missions, by K.P. Yohannan, Kathy committed herself to helping people in need by starting a ministry called the Homebound Missionary. As the work of the Homebound Missionary grew, and the needs she saw became greater, the ministry e volved to become The Least of These. (How It All Began).

 However, Kathy’s heart has always been to care for people. She served as the Director of Childbirth Education Services of Worcester County, which taught childbirth classes and trained midwives; and studied midwifery.

 “Homebound Missions is proof to me that the Lord uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things,” says Kathy. “When I am on the plane heading to Haiti, I can’t believe God is using me in this wonderful way. During the whole trip, I am full of worship and praise that God would send me, a nobody with no special talents, to Haiti to help change people’s lives. It overwhelms me when I think of what I get to do. I even forget my fear of flying. Everyday, I am in awe at what He is allowing us to do for His glory, and I am thankful.”

 Tyler and Kathy attend Christian Community Church in Worcester, MA


 Dorothy "Dot" Rollins

 Board of Directors

 About three years ago Dot and her son became the Kangas' neighbors.  Soon she was volunteering for Homebound Missions; folding fabric and packing medical and other donations, then she gave her life to the Lord.

 When asked if she would consider being on the Board of Directors she considered it carefully and finally said yes.  When asked why she said yes she replied, "Because I love to help people."

 Dot attends Christian Community Church in Worcester, MA



 Sam Simpson

 Board of Directors

 Sam received Jesus as his Savior on August 13, 1965 and hasn't turned back.

 On June 4th, 1966 he married his wife Elaine, they have 3 children; 5 grandchildren.

 Over the past 22 years Sam has participated in and led missions trips to places such as Alaska, Chile, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Panama, and Haiti.  He has also participated in numerous disaster relief trips within the US.

 "There's this amazing feeling that overcomes you when you pour everything you have into someone else; this perfect fullness that comes from living for someone other than yourself."

 Sam is a certified Disaster Relief First Responder through the Georgia Baptist Association and FEMA.  He is also Co-Founder/ CEO of Global Outreach Missions.

 He and his wife Elaine live in Rydal, Georgia and attend Bethel Worship Center.




Monica Robinson

 Staff Bookeeper

Monica Robinson  volunteers as the staff bookkeeper for Homebound Missions. She became involved with the organization through her friendship with Kathy and Tyler Kangas. With an associate’s degree in accounting and experience managing the financial end of her family’s business, Monica is a valuable addition.

“What keeps me involved with Homebound Missions,” says Monica, “is seeing the love that Kathy and Ty have for the people in Haiti. As I become more involved, I have a greater understanding of the need there and really want to see homebound’s vision become a reality. With that vision comes hope—the hope that each person impacted by this organization will gain the understanding of how Jesus can change their lives in practical ways.”

Monica and her husband Robert live in Putnam, Connecticut with their three daughters, Madilyn, Gabrielle, and Sidney. They attend HighPointe Church in Thompson, Connecticut.